CLF10 sc volný Cl,pHD, metrický, Hach/LANGE manual

Kat. číslo produktu: LXV45A.98.23022
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CLF10 sc: Free reagentless chlorine sensor

The Free Chlorine Analyser measures free chlorine continuously for real time process control. It is based on amperometric technology and is fully compatible with Hach's digital SC controllers. The analyser can be used in most municipal and industrial applications, and is best utilised where waste stream management is a constraint. The self diagnostics alerts you when the process has changed or the instument needs servicing.
Diagnostic features include the Cal Watch algorithm for warning of pH and chlorine calibration deviation and a non-contacting sample flow sensor for notification of insufficient sample flow. All warnings are easy to configure.

  • Disinfection under control
  • Minimal operation costs
  • Plug and play
  • Real-time process control
  • EPA compliant according to Method 334.0