Radiometer Analytical ISE25Ca-9 Calcium Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) (half-cell, screw cap)

Kat. číslo produktu: E41M002
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The Radiometer ISE25Ca-9 Calcium Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) has a plastic body, a refillable internal electrolyte (article no. S41M001), and calcium ion (Ca2+) specific, replaceable PVC membrane (article no. E91M001). The ISE25Ca-9 is a half-cell ISE and requires an external reference. The Radiometer REF201 (article no. E21M009), REF251 (article no. E21M001) or REF451 (article no. E21M005) reference electrode is recommended. This ISE is a screw cap electrode and requires the CL114 cable (part no. A94L114) for compatibilty with Hach Sension+ benchtop meters (or any ion meter with a BNC connection).