EZ9700 External Dilution Unit, max. 50x dilution, controlled by analyser

Kat. číslo produktu: EZ9700.99101102
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Convenient and precise sample dilution up to 1/250 - compatible with EZ Series online analysers

About the EZ9000 Series
The successful implementation of online analysers in process control strategies could not have been achieved without the development of a new generation of automatic sampling and sample preconditioning systems. The EZ9000 Series are the result of many years of experience in filtration, dilution and settling.

The EZ9700 is an external dilution unit designed for sample dilution in water analysis applications where concentrations of the analyte are so elevated that absorbance readings would be out of range, while any internal sample dilution would not be sufficient to cover the broad measuring range. The unit combines a number of features with ease of use:
- Discontinuous sample dilution system for external dilution up to 1/250
- Robust alternative to internal sample dilution by micropump or dispenser
- Dilution with demineralised water
- Fully controlled by analyser panel PC