B7000 TOC/TN/TP Analyser, 1 channel, 230 V, 0 - 10000 mg/L

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A single analyser for Carbon contamination and Nitrogen/Phosphorus nutrient levels in water

Contamination levels in water impact treatment and re-use decisions. With data on contamination plus nutrient levels water managers can make the most efficient and cost-effective decisions for treatment and reuse of important water supplies.
• Improve treatment and re-use decisions with accurate and complete water quality
• Reduce costs on nutrient dosing while protecting critical treatment facilities with accurate C:N:P ratios
• Spend more time managing the plant and less time collecting data with a robust, industrially designed online analyser to monitor TOC, TN, and TP parameters
• Detect product loss quickly to save valuable product, and minimise risk of noncompliance by preventing excessive contamination releases to the wastewater treatment plant
The Hach TOC analyser completes a full breakdown of each process sample to deliver trusted results.

  • Improve wastewater treatment process
  • Reduce the environmental footprint
  • Protect your WWTP and WWRP
  • Superior reliability